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Savoy Ventures Patient Transport    Raising Standards
Savoy Ventures are a CQC registered emergency/non-emergency ambulance service providing transportation for NHS trust patients, transporting over 400,000 patients every year. At Savoy we understand that our patient transport service is first and foremost about the patient, whose day begins and ends with transportation. Our main aim is to ensure our ambulance service is as efficient as possible, minimising delays and creating a stress free environment for those who travel with us. Our  PTS provides transport for patients who need to attend hospital outpatient appoints, community clinics and GP surgeries.    We also cover patients who require Regular medical treatment such as dialysis. PTS work closely with the hospitals on the daily discharges and Transfers of patients to hospitals, care homes and family residences. HDU PARAMEDIC & TECHNICIAN SERVICES Our technician service provides emergency and non emergency transport for patients that require a high level of care. All our HDU ambulances are fully equipped to NHS standards. Our technician staff are highly trained in patient assessment, airway management, ventilation and monitoring a patient’s vital signs and resuscitation, they provide care in transport for paediatrics, infants and adults. All our HDU ambulances have 240v power supply for monitoring equipment and incubators and have the Ferno lock and load system so can transport the new style incubators as well as the old.   BARIATRIC PATIENT SERVICES We have a range of Bariatric Services available; all our Bariatric vehicles have a Megasus stretcher with a 400kg weight limit, and carry chair with a 204kg weight limit. Bariatric ambulances are staffed by highly trained staff and extra equipment is available on request, such as Stair Climber and Bariatric wheelchairs